Navigation License

The navigation license is the most basic licensed title of boating. With this qualification, you can take pleasure boats with a maximum length of 6 meters and navigate up to 2 nautical miles from the coast, in any direction from a harbor, marina or harbor shelter, during day navigation. In addition, you can control nautical motorcycles (jet ski) up to 54 hp / type C

The Escola Nautic & Diving organizes the course throughout the year, for a minimum of  2  to maximum  6 students, in their boat approved the Montcada I with departure from the port of Estartit.

Course development: total 6 hours
Theory hours: 2 hours
Practice hours: 4 hours

The price includes:
Theorical class
Navigation practices
Teaching materials
Management fees

Price: 220 € per person

In Spain, it is necessary to present your medical certificate of aptitude to dive to do any underwater course or activity, so do not forget to bring it! If you do not have it yet, you can take the exam in the Estartit Medical Center, about 50 EUR per person, not included in the price of the course.