I dont have a diving certification: Try Dive or DSD


We prepare the necessary equipment, we give a little lecture to have a basic understanding of security and safety and HERE WE GO!

We get changed on the boat, on the way to an ideal site for try dives for the shallow depth and diversity of life. You jump into the water, where your instructor will be waiting for you. Before beginning the dive we will make sure that all what we explained before is clear and you feel confortable, and there we go!

You will enjoy a 20 minutes dive to relax, watch the scenery, experience the feeling of weightlessness, forget everything and enjoy your first contact in the underwater environment .

Minimum age : 10 years

Includes full equipment rental , boat trip , air tank, PADI instructor , insurance.

Price: 65 eur per person, we will take & send you photos for free! 


A first step in the world of diving. After an explanation of the basics of the equipment, we go to the pool to get some exercises and then by boat to make a dive in the sea. Corresponds to the first phase of the Open Water course.

Minimum age : 10 years

Development :one confined water (pool) dive and one open water dive (sea).

Includes full equipment rental, poo, boat trip, air tank, PADI instructor, insurance.

Price: 95 eur per person, or 85 eur if you make reservation for minimum 2 persons, we will take & send you photos for free! 

If in the same season you do the Open Water Diver course with us, we will deduct the first class of the course price.

If you doubt between doing a Try Dive or a DSD program:

  • Try dive is done at the sea with 1 instructor per diver. You dont need to have any notions about the diving equipment. The activity will take place directly in the sea.

  • DSD program: if you want to learn a little bit more about what consists of doing the beginner course (either Sciba Diver or Open Water), and you have time enoguh (1 day or 1/2 day, depending on our schedulle), you can choose the DSD. You will do some exercises in the pool, and afterwards you will go to the sea, sharing the Instructor with maximum other 3 persons. 


Of course, after you have done, any of them and you want to get started in the diving as fun diver, you can start a course, here we have some further information about our BASIC PADI DIVING COURSES



For little the little ones who want to know how it is to breathe underwater, we will make bubbles and games to  have some fun in the pool!

Minimum age : 8 years

Maximum depth : 2 meters in the pool

Development : 1 theoretical session , 1 dive in confined water

Includes full equipment rental , air, PADI instructor , insurance.

Price: 45 eur per child (minimum 2 children), we will take & send you photos for free! *

If in the same season you do the Padi Seal Team  course with us, we will deduct the first class of the course price.

Free of charge photos are provided if you agree to let us use them in our social public profiles such as Facebook, website etc.