Basic Diving Courses: Scuba Diver and Open Water

Unlike in other sports, if you want to do scuba diving you must be certied, that means that you must have finished and completed an offical diving course of Padi (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), or any other recognized federation. l’Escola Nautic & Diving Estartit is a 5 star Resort Padi center. We a full range of PADI scuba programs, have a good equipment Scubapro selection and offer dive activities that promote aquatic environmental responsibility. We are committed to providing quality diver training and continuing education programs that include dive experiences and environmental awareness.


Our basic courses include educational material, complete diving material and insurance. In the theoretical part, concepts about the physics and physiology of diving, environment, equipment and diving planning are assimilated. In the pool and sea sessions, the theoretical part of the courses is practiced through standard exercises and procedures, always supervised by an instructor Padi.


Once you are certified as a Scuba Diver or Open Water, you can do dives with us in the Natural Park: Dives


If you want to book your course or have questions, contact us and we will advise you on the best option for you


If you want to prove what diving is, but without taking a course, visit this link: I have never dived, where we propose a first experience through the Try Diving at sea or the DSD program (discover scuba diving). By doing any of these activities, you will receive a certificate of participation and you will be prepared to take the first courses that we will now detail.


In any case, to take a basic diving course such as Scuba Diver or Open Water, it is not necessary to have previously done a Dive or a DSD, you can start your course as long as you know how to swim, are over 10 years old and have a lot of desire to start you in a whole new world of adventures!


At l’Escola Nautic & Diving Estartit, you can start your course by yourself or with other friends or family, any day of the week. You only need to contact us in advance to plan the course. The courses are held in groups of 1 to 4 people per Instructor.


In this course you learn to master all the exercises necessary for diving with a partner up to 18 meters deep. At your own pace , you learn to use all the equipment in addition to the basic diving techniques . All this for you to become self-sufficient and safe diver.

Minimum age: 10 years- Open water Junior, 15 years Open Water


Development course: 2 days (morning or afternoon) for the pool lessons  and 2 days (mornings) for the 2 dive trips with 2 dives on each one (total 4 dives).


5 theory sessions  (E-learning at home before arrival to Estartit), 5 confined water dives, 4 open water dives, final exam.


The theory is sent to your email by a Padi link, so you can download in your device and start studying at home before arriving to the die cener. If you have any question our doubt while reading the theory, contact us.


Price : 395 eur per person

Includes full equipment rental, boat trips, air, PADI instructor, educational materials, certification, insurance during the course.


If you are Open Water Junior once you turn 15 years old you will be updated to Open Water automatically



You learn to master a few exercises, until you’re qualified to dive to 12 meters accompanied by a Divemaster or Instructor. This course corresponds to the first half of the Open Water course .

Minimum age : 10 years


Development course:

3 theory sessions , 3 confined water dives , 2 open water dives.

Price: 260 eur per person.

Includes full equipment rental, boat trips, air, PADI instructor, educational materials, certification, insurance during the course.

UPGRADE Scuba Diver to Open Water Diver Update

If you’re Scuba Diver and you want to take the step to independence , making the second part of the Open Water course.

Minimum age: 10 years

Development course:

2 Theory sessions , 2 confined water dives , 2 open water dives , final exam.

Includes full equipment rental , boat trips , air, PADI instructor certification .

Price: 200 eur per person.


Open Water Referral is an alternative way to take the Open Water course, which allows you to start your Open Water Diver at a PADI dive center near your home and finish it at our dive center while, for example, you are on vacation in Estartit. This option is perfect for those who live far from the sea or if you want to start the course in winter and finish it in summer. It implies that you must organize with a Padi center close to your home (or wherever you are) and carry out the first and second phase of the course with them: theory and practice in the pool. With us you will do the dives or sessions in open water (in the sea) during the 2 outings, as already explained in the Opwn Water course.


You must contact both Padi centers, since the first center where you do the theory and exercises in the pool, must issue and send to the second Padi center, the “Student Referral” with your information as you have successfully completed the exam and practices.

Once at l’Escola Nautic Diving in Estartit, we will do a check dive in the pool and a test or review of theoretical knowledge to refresh the knowledge and we will plan the dives in the sea.

Price: 225 eur per person
(there is no minimum number of participants or fixed starting dates)

Includes: complete equipment rental, boat trips, air, certification, diving insurance during the course.

Minimum participants per instructor 1 and maximum 4.


According to the new regulations, it will be necessary for you to bring a medical certificate of specific aptitude, in case you are over 45 years old or have certain risk pathologies. The result of a questionnaire that we will send you will determine the obligation to provide the medical certificate or not.

If you want to continue your adventure as scuba diver, you should take a look to the Padi Advanced Courses that we organize in Estartit.