Contingency Plan Vs. covid19

l’Escola Nautic & Diving has developed a work system with the aim of not spreading the coronavirus in our facilities during activities, included in this Contingency Plan, based on the recommendations of the ICTE (Institute of Tourist Quality of Spain) . This plan includes the necessary security, cleaning and disinfection measures to be implemented within the scope of the company, its employees, customers and suppliers.


We will ensure adequate ventilation and thorough daily cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces. During the day, surfaces or elements with the highest frequency of contact will be cleaned and disinfected: counter, POS, bathrooms. As of this Plan, the use of showers by clients is prohibited.


Daily thorough cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces will be carried out and as often as necessary after each departure or shift of clients / trip. The center’s own diving equipment: will be cleaned and disinfected in the diving center according to the established internal protocol, gear and equipment. The staff of the diving center has been trained to carry out this activity. We have hydroalcoholic gel for use in the store and on the boat by clients and workers, for frequent hand disinfection. The safety distance should be maintained whenever possible between divers and also with employees (avoiding hugs, kisses etc.). Clients must wear their personal face mask, according to current Spanish legislation, whenever it is not possible to maintain a safety distance of 1.5m. Personal face masks must be kept in closed bags or containers, always for the client’s personal use, while not being used. Bags with own or rental equipment must remain closed between uses, and equipment of different clients will never be mixed. Each bag will be identified with a customer’s mark or name. Facial masks may be removed when divers or clients put on their diving masks and regulators or snorkeling equipment, avoiding time passing between one action and another, and always keeping a distance of 1.5m.


Whenever possible, we will send a form to the client, which we ask to be completed by the participants of the activity, depending on the activity contracted. In the case of having contracted a diving trip or free diving activity, divers should send us aalong with this file, a copy of their diving or apnea qualifications and medical certificate. In any case, we will indicate to clients the additional information necessary to be received, by email. In this way we encourage that the time of permanence and use of common elements in our store is shorter. Clients by contracting the services of this company (or in case of face-to-face contracting, signing the client file) declare in a self-responsible manner that they do not have compatible symptoms of Covid 19 and that they have been informed of this Contingency Plan.


We encourage the payment of reservations prior to the activity by Bank transfer or by contcatless card. In any case, customers will be able to pay at the store, in cash or by card (the machine will be disinfected after each use).

WE GUARANTEE that the staff has been trained in the use of the virucidal product used, as well as in the execution of cleaning and disinfection, of all the common elements, as well as specific as diving equipment, in terms of action times, rinsing and drying .


An employee, in the event of presenting symptoms compatible with the known symptoms of the disease, such as cough, fever, respiratory distress, must notify the company and consult the nearest Medical Center. In the case of a client, we will deny the acrivity booked, in case the client does not voluntarily abstain from carrying out the contracted activity (and companions).


In the event of action by personnel of this company, due to an accident, first aid will be carried out, following the provisions of the training, with gloves and a mask, without practicing ventilation or approaching the airways, if the movement is observed chest and proceed to immediate evacuation according to current legislation.


When it is necessary to make a change in this Contingency Plan, the Technical Director of the center will notifyit to the staff as soon as possible. The staff will have training on the protocols established by the company in this document. The company will provide all satff the sufficient amount of individual protection; masks, hydroalcoholic gel and gloves if appropriate.
There will be signage with iconography, in several languages, on the ship and in the store, regarding the preventive measures or mandatory measures, regarding the Covid 19.


  • Carry out frequent hand hygiene (washing with soap and water or alcoholic solutions) especially after direct contact with other people or their environment.
  • When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your elbow flexed.
  • Use single-use tissues, and throw them away after use. If respiratory symptoms occur, avoid close contact (keeping a distance of approximately one and a half meters) with other people.
  • Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth, since the hands facilitate the transmission of the disease.
  • Gather long hair in a ponytail or low bun. Keep nails short and neat.
  • When it is possible to avoid the use of contact lenses, use glasses
  • Use masks whenever the safety distance and gloves cannot be maintained on occasions when handling elements that have been in contact with other people, or washing hands with hydroalcoholic gel.


  • Follow the indications of our staff, the instructions of this document, the signs of the premises, on the ship and in the shop.
  • Make use of their masks in the store, boat or company dependency when the safety distance of 1.5 m cannot be respected.
  • Wash hands with hydroalcoholic gel before touching an element or material in the center. Use the toilets only in the case of emergency. The shower will not be operational.
  • In the case of experienced divers, they will be responsible for their own equipment, loading, shipping and dismantling, as well as their washing and disinfection in their accommodation. It will always be transported in a closed bag.

The person in charge of this Contingency Plan is the Administrator of the company, Mr. K.E.C.

In Estartit on June 12, 2020
L’Escola Nautic Diving SL