Montgrí Natural Park

The Coast of Montgrí, calcareous, has a total area protected of 3768.10 ha. Besides its natural beauty, it is highlighted by the rich historical and cultural heritage that it preserves, example of which are the castle of Montgrí, prehistoric caves and the hermitage of Santa Caterina.

The beauty of our coastline, already evident from the mainland, becomes an even more wonderful spectacle seen from the sea.

The seabed is spectacular, filled with colorful corals, algae and a huge variety of fish that you can already dee a few inches from the surface.

The advantage that gives us Montgrí Coast is the variety of backgrounds and depths, from shallow and sandy, perfect places to do practical courses to reefs and caves. The bottoms are mainly rocky and then filled with algae. This allows  us to see lots of fish on the shallow area, making it an ideal place for snorkeling and trydives.